October 2021 Prayer

Rajpur India - Tibetan Monk

Join us as we pray for India

Sunday, October 31, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. BKK time

If you haven’t received the Zoom link by email, please contact us.

Meeting time in your timezone

🇹🇭ThailandBangkokSunday, October 3119:00
🇦🇺AustraliaSydneySunday, October 3123:00
🇧🇹BhutanThimpuSunday, October 3118:00
🇨🇦CanadaTorontoSunday, October 3108:00
🇨🇳ChinaBeijingSunday, October 3120:00
🇬🇧EnglandLondonSunday, October 3112:00
🇮🇳IndiaNew DelhiSunday, October 3117:30
🇲🇳MongoliaUlaanbaatarSunday, October 3120:00
🇳🇵NepalKathmanduSunday, October 3117:45
🇳🇴NorwayOsloSunday, October 3113:00
🇳🇿New ZealandWellingtonMonday, November 101:00
🇳🇱NetherlandsAmsterdamSunday, October 3113:00
🇷🇺RussiaElistaSunday, October 3115:00
🇷🇺RussiaKyzylSunday, October 3119:00
🇷🇺RussiaUlan-UdeSunday, October 3120:00
🇸🇪SwedenStockholmSunday, October 3113:00
🇺🇸USADenverSunday, October 3106:00
🇺🇸USANew YorkSunday, October 3108:00
🇺🇸USASeattleSunday, October 3105:00
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