COVID Relief

India and Nepal

Our hearts are broken for brothers and sisters who are suffering during COVID-19. India and Nepal in particular have suffered severe medical shortages and seen extremely high case and death counts. 

COVID’s impact in these nations extends far beyond sickness. The shut down of tourism has left a significant part of the population with no work and no income. As businesses have closed, employees have lost their ability to pay for medical care, rent, and even food.

CAF's efforts

CAF’s first relief effort is focused on providing food, medical care, and rent to those who are most in need.

Our second round of relief will be more holistic and will focus on rehabilitation and recovery. We are working with our partners in Central Asia to provide post-traumatic counseling and other tools and events to help these communities heal.

COVID relief

How you can help


CAF is accepting donations for those who have been affected by COVID-19. We are distributing these donations through local community leaders. These donations have already helped pay for medical care, food, and rent (housing). Additional donations will go toward rehabilitation and recovery. Please consider donating by clicking the PayPal Donate buttons below.

Involve your friends

Send this page to your friends and encourage them to join you in bringing relief to Central Asians affected by COVID.

Resources for those who are grieving

The resources below come from Global Facilitator Service Corps, Inc. They have made these resources available for free distribution and have allowed CAF to translate the English resources into Nepali.


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COVID Debrief tools

CAF has begun using a tool called “Feelings Are OK” that was developed by Kidsreach (Australia) and adapted for the Asian context by Central Asia Publishing. This resource is intended to help children process the trauma of COVID-19. A facilitator’s guide will be available soon.

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Current statistics

Nepal COVID-19 statistics (WHO):

India COVID-19 statistics (WHO):

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